Easy Halloween Costumes for Men 2023

Easy Halloween Costumes for Men 2023

Looking for a low-effort Halloween outfit that you will wear again?

Look no further than our Black Sequin Collection - from Black Sequin Dresses to Black Sequin T-Shirts, we have something black and sparkly for every costume.  

We have put together some Halloween outfit inspiration below, wear with your Sparklebutts (they're not all black, we promise!) and you'll be sure to turn heads this Halloween. 

1. Catwoman Costume:

Slide into your sexy Black Sequin Party Pants and wear with a black crop/ bikini/ nipple covers/ nothing at all. Slap on a cute little cat mask and you're done! 

2. Harry Styles Costume: 

This pic Harry Styles outfit is iconic. But you could be Harry Styles with almost any Sparklebutt product - especially our Pink Sequin Party Pants. Sequins with a big fluffy coat/ feather boa/ some jazzy sunnies. Easy, sexy, cool. 

3. Barbie and Ken Costume:

Pink sequin pants and/ or black sequin pants. This very costume will be sure to be a popular one. Don't be bland - match with your some of our sequins to stand out from the crowd!

4. Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume:


Pull your sequin booty shorts out of the drawer and get your fishnets on. You could be Frank-N-Furter or Columbia in your sequin shorts. So easy. So sexy. 

5. Elton John Costume: 

Not too dissimilar from the above Harry Styles section, basically anything from our website, especially our White Silver Party Pants. Get out your boas, novelty sunnies and something to drape around your shoulders. Hot hot hot. 

Basically you'll be safe with anything Elton, Harry or Barbie movie inspired!

We LOVE seeing your butts so keep tagging us in your pics this Halloween (and keep sliding into our DMs)! 

Keep on sparkling and keep on dancing, 

- Ashlee and Team Sparklebutt 



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